What we do ?

DOCTOR 4YOU – in pursuit of medical excellence, has been delivering world-class treatment and care, at an affordable cost.

We extend the traditional Indian hospitality to all patients, combining it with our cutting edge technology, clinical excellence and compassion to deliver quality health care to all patients every single day.

“The vision and mission of Doctor4You clinics is to provide quality patient care with unrelenting attention to clinical excellence, patient safety and an unparalleled passion and commitment to ensure the very best
healthcare for those we serve.”

We pride ourselves in having the best. We have the finest doctors to provide clinical services that are trustworthy. We provide diagnostic services that are affordable and accurate.

Medical Services


At DOCTOR 4YOU, we believe innovative partnerships are key in transforming healthcare solutions to next level. That’s why, we partnered with the following health-care professionals to provide unique opportunities for clinicians, researchers, operators and innovators.

  • Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences – is a renowned institute in the field of medical-education and research. It is an institution set up with the objectives of providing medical services to the society with care , attention, personal touch and perfection. Read more
  • Sidhu Pharma – is one among the players in Pharma industry and they are the brand leader in the therapeutic segments, in every changing needs of medicine. Read more

The collective strength of an ideal alliance allows each party to bring specialized skills, technologies and resources to the table that each would not readily have on their own. This creates new relationships to transform the future of health care together.

We believe in the power of partnerships and innovation. Without innovation, nothing changes and there is no measurable growth. Offering the most cost effective, advanced technologies, processes and treatments allows us to focus on the most important aspect of health care today: caring for others with compassion and dignity.

Upcoming Projects

With vast disparities in the quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare services in this world, A vision to provide world-class services to every people, help us to work on following projects:

Building a Technological advanced healthcare solutions requires making investments in the present that will hold us in good stead for the future. We invite investors to become part of our continued success and let’s create a healthy community.

Medical Partners

IT Partners